Monday, September 12, 2011

The Decision to Make the Big Move!

June 11th, 2011 was a day we made a life-changing decision, with a lot of prayer and support from each other and our families...we agreed we'd be moving our young family to Germany. On June 9th, after nearly 3 months had passed since he'd interviewed for the job with the Army, Chad was offered the position as the Fitness Director at the Army installation near Stuttgart, Germany.

Our initial reaction was "heck NO!"...I was due to have our daughter in roughly 6 weeks, my parents and I had just spent all weekend working on the nursery, and well... we were settled and we really loved our lives in Pueblo. Since it'd been so long since the interview without any word, it was the furthest thing from our minds. But, God persistently put a nagging voice in our minds to not be so knee-jerk about it. One thing was would be a tremendous, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We quickly realized we needed to have an open mind and heart and to approach it prayerfully. It soon became clear that God is placing this in our lives for a reason and while we were scared...we're taking this leap of faith and trusting God and his plan.

The next two months flew by in a flurry of paperwork, gathering important documents (none of which we could find, so we had to order new ones!), making travel arrangements, organizing, preliminary packing, having a baby somewhere in the mix, more organizing and packing, tying up loose ends with the house/bills/etc... in Pueblo, seeing Chad off (reported to work here August 8th) and temporarily move in for a month with my parents with Kane, 2 week-old Lucy, and two car-loads full of "gear" in tow. It was absolute chaos and insanity, but we did it. We couldn't have done it without our families...that is for darn sure. I want to thank you all does not even seem adequate to say, but truly...thank you all so much for all you did to help us with the move, but most of all for your encouragement and support! We tried to have a sense of humor, held onto our excitement and trust in God and his plan, and jumped in with both feet. 

The last month in Colorado, I got to spend staying with my parents and it was such a blessing. I absolutely cherished the time I had and got the opportunity to spend such quality time with all of my loved ones! I got to stay exactly 4 weeks and it seemed like such a long time when Chad first left, but it flew so fast. It was incredibly difficult to say good-bye, but it was exciting to get on that plane to begin this new adventure in our lives!

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